Some Texans Surprised Their Smart Thermostats Are Being Raised Remotely

Slashdot reader quonset writes:
With the heat wave gripping Texas, and in an effort to prevent another collapse of the power grid as happened in February during cold weather, Texas is, for the third day in a row, asking residents to conserve electricity. Some people in the Houston area have come home to find the temperatures in their homes are still warm (in the high 70s to low 80s) despite their air conditioning running all day!
A local Texas reporter tells the tale:

The family’s smart thermostat was installed a few years ago as part of a new home security package. Many smart thermostats can be enrolled in a program called “Smart Savers Texas.” It’s operated by a company called EnergyHub. The agreement states that in exchange for an entry into sweepstakes, electric customers allow them to control their thermostats during periods of high energy demand. EnergyHub’s list of its clients include TXU Energy, CenterPoint and ERCOT.

They spoke to one Texas resident who obviously wasn’t even aware of what he’d agreed to when the smart thermostat was installed. As soon as he found out, he immediately unenrolled from the program, complaining “If somebody else can manipulate this, I’m not for it.”

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Source: Slashdot