Atlassian Tells Employees They Can Work From Home Forever

Software company Atlassian is telling employees that they don’t have to return to its offices, unless they want to use them. CNBC reports: “We will seek out amazing, diverse talent unbounded by the physical footprint of our offices,” the company said in an internal blog post published on Wednesday. “We will continue to compete for talent in the global hubs, and we will be able to create opportunities for those in places we would have previously not been able to reach.” Atlassian’s products help software developers and others keep track of code, projects, issues and other work. One of Atlassian’s competitors, privately held GitLab, has never had an office despite having grown past 1,000 people.

Atlassian won’t be closing its offices, though. All of its locations, including its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, as well as locations in San Francisco, Amsterdam, India, Japan, the Philippines and Turkey, will remain open, and the company expects to adjust them so they can be used efficiently. Employees will be welcome to return to the offices should they want to use them. Some details of Atlassian’s plan have yet to be finalized. The company hasn’t decided how compensation might change for employees who relocate to other regions, nor has it figured out the right number of people to work in each time zone to ensure a sufficient amount of overlap, the person said. Atlassian will measure outcomes, rather than the number of hours each person spends working, according to the blog post.

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Source: Slashdot