Disney Research Creates Face-Swapping Technique For High-Res Video

shirappu writes: A new paper by Disney Research shows off a newly developed neural network that can swap faces in photos and videos at high-resolution. The idea behind this technology is to replace an actor’s performance with a different actor’s face, or for roles that require de-aging or increasing age, or for portraying actors who have passed away. Current face-swapping technology (also known as deepfakes) often creates an “uncanny valley” effect, where something about the image or video feels off. Though there is some of that in Disney Research’s tech, it’s still a huge step forward for creating believable face-swapping in the entertainment industry. This has once again brought up a conversation around the ethical use of this technology and the potential for malicious use. However, given the amount of ongoing R&D in this area, it seems unlikely that we’ll see any slowdown in the near future.

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Source: Slashdot