As Demand Plummets This Weekend, UK Renewable Energy Projects May Be Asked To Turn Off

“Hundreds of renewable energy projects may be asked to turn off this weekend,” reports the Guardian, “to avoid overloading the grid as the UK’s electricity demand plummets to record lows.”
Britain’s demand for electricity is forecast to tumble to a fifth below normal levels due to the spring bank holiday and the shutdown of shops, bars and restaurants mandated by the coronavirus lockdown… Meanwhile, the sunny weather is expected to generate more renewable electricity than the UK needs…

The National Grid control room plans to use a new scheme this weekend that will pay small wind turbines and solar installations to stop generating electricity if the UK’s renewable energy sources threaten to overwhelm the energy system. About 170 small-scale renewable energy generators have signed up to the scheme, with a total capacity of 2.4GW. This includes 1.5GW of wind power and 700MW of solar energy.

Other companies have also signed up to boost their electricity use when demand falls too low.

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Source: Slashdot