TCL Unveils Trifold and Rollable Smartphones

A year ago, we started to see the first wave of foldable devices and they were … disappointing. But companies are not backing down. TCL is already looking ahead with a pair of foldable and rollable prototypes that imagines what the future of phones could look like. From a report: One is a trifold variant with two hinges, while the other is even crazier — it is rollable! Yes, TCL has designed a phone that gets larger by utilizing a flexible display that rolls and unrolls — it looks to be quite genius, actually. “At just 9mm in thickness, this portable concept re-imagines the standard smartphone design, with a rollable AMOLED display that uses internal motors to extend the 6.75-inch screen to a 7.8-inch display size with the press of a button. This allows for an entirely new device user experience that includes split screen and multi-tasking UI enhancements customized by TCL. Thanks to a larger axis and rolled display, the device has no wrinkles or creases which are commonly found with foldable AMOLEDs. When not in use, a motor-driven sliding panel utilizes advanced mechanics to conceal the flexible display,” says TCL.

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Source: Slashdot