Starbucks Embraces Fake Meat, Starting In Canada

Starting next week, Starbucks will roll out its spring menu in stores across Canada that will include a breakfast sandwich with Beyond Meat sausage. Engadget reports: Starbucks joins a growing list of brands that have added Beyond Meat’s plant-based offerings to their menus. To date, those companies include McDonald’s (also a Canadian pilot), KFC, Subway, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and more. The lab-grown, plant-based meat trend is a product of science and tech, but it’s also driven by a growing awareness of the environmental impacts of meat production. Earlier this year, Starbucks said it was committed to a “resource-positive future,” which includes expanding plant-based options and creating a more environmentally friendly menu. The upcoming egg, cheddar and Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich is the first major step in that direction.

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